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Pricilla Mark, Social Media Influencer

Pricilla Mark, Social Media Influencer

Here to expose, but never overexpose.

With sponsored freebies some even with a payment/sponsorship, invitations to lit parties and events, job opportunities in the media industry such as music videos or interviews on TV, makes being an online influencer truly the dream job of our time!

The million dollar question: is it harder to gain a mass following for a being on the deeper end of the skin tone spectrum, particularly in the beauty section of social media? Keep reading to find out the truth with us. We interviewed Pricilla Mark to get a first-hand point of view on this.

She began her online career by making beauty related videos on Facebook in 2013 and then progressed to Instagram ( Priscilla Mark’s Instagram ). She was getting positive feedback which was what kept her going. She peaked and blew up on the internet when she joined the popular movement, #UnfairAndLovely.  Due to the incredible response, Mark moved on to YouTube where she continues to upload creative content such as unique brown-girl-friendly makeup tutorials which I highly recommend you check out. Click here for her YouTube channel. At 20 years old, she started with just pencil eyeliners and now her face beating skills are literally #goals. Over the years, her essential makeup products remain ‘Foundation, liquid eyeliner and lashes are my absolute must-haves’, as said by Mark herself.

The ratio difference in the follower counts of deeper-skinned influencers in comparison to fair-skinned individuals is impossible to miss. We asked Mark what she thought of this issue.

She stated:

many people still don’t relate to being dark as beautiful which is why it’s so common that people overexpose or heavily edit their posts to appear fairer. It is sad to see that they feel the need to feed into this stereotype and that they need to fit into a certain mold to gain a following. I stand for originality and authenticity. This does impact my follower count as unfortunately not many people perceive us darker girls as equals to the fairer girls even if we possess the same or even more talent skills. Either way, I will never give up on my mission to help encourage as many people as possible to embrace who they are.’ This is one of the many reasons to adore this chocolate queen as it is also our message to spread love and good vibes, especially for our caramel babes.

In terms of makeup, the struggles she faced mainly came down to finding foundation closest to her skin tone and eyeshadows pigmented enough to actually show up against her skin. For foundations, she’d have to mix and match with multiple shades to get the right one or something at least close to it. As for eyeshadows, I would wet the shadows either with a setting spray or regular water to intensify the pigmentation, that was the only way they’d actually pop. Thankfully upcoming brands are being more inclusive of people of color but there’s definitely a long way to go particularly in the more affordable brands.

Pricilla Mark’s message to all the caramel-skinned babes put there:


  ‘Do not listen to the haters. YOU ARE STUN-NING.  Keep your head held high and know it is never wrong to be different. Originality is always a plus point. Love the skin you’re in babes.’



 Written by: Sureena Shree Chandrasekar

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